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Elaine Gray is still bringing smiles and snacks to patients after 33 years - 2017



We have a fortnightly column in the Manawatu Guardian.

Volunteering - just go and do it says Lynn January 18 2018, page 18

Volunteer role good for well-being December 14 page 4

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Second chance at life for wild Pye November 16 page 15

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Life outside the prison gate October 5 page 11

Greeting card microbusiness seeks helping hand September 21 page 2 

Plate screws stop thieves September 7 page 2 

Tub Toys bring smiles to refugee children September 24 page 2

Guides a help to students on campus September 10 page 2

Plenty of fun for kids at toy library July 27 page 6

Becomming a Big Sister July 13 page 9

Plant to Plate grows greener kids June 29 page 24

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Parents helping parents June 1 page 15

Rosalie's Haven May 18 page 18


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