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Volunteer Resource Centre Manawatu & Districts Recognition Event 2019

To celebrate National Volunteer Week (16 - 23 June 2019), Volunteer Resource Centre Manawatu and Districts will host Recognition Events for volunteers in our region. They will be held in Palmerston North and Levin. These events will recognise the outstanding efforts and achievements by volunteers of all ages, in all sectors.

Volunteer work is done of one's free will, unpaid, for the common good.
Aroha ki te takata a rohe.

We are looking for stories that resonate - why people are volunteering, what impact this has on the volunteer, and what impact this has on the organisations and communities they are volunteering for. All the nominees will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and will be invited to celebrate with the wider community.


  1. Each nominating organisation must be a non-profit entity or project, but need not be a member of VRCMD
  2. Nominators may not nominate themselves for recognition
  3. Organisations or projects can submit only 1 nomination in each category - and only 4 nominations in total
  4. Receipients of VRCMD Award within the past two years are not eligible for nomination by the same organisation
  5. Nominators may only nominate an individual volunteer for work within that organisation. This work must have been carried out within the region covered by Volunteer Resource Centre Manawatu and Districts and within the last 12 months
  6. The nomination form must be submitted by someone who is not a nominee
  7. Nominations of people who are deceased will be accepted, provided the voluntary work was done within twelve months of the nomination closing date


Nominations will close at midnight Tuesday 21st May 2019.

Please complete this form as fully as possible to assist the selection process. Alternatively, you can download the form here

Name of nominating organisation or project (must be not-for-profit): *
Postal address of nominating organisation: *
Name of person completing this nomiation: *
Nominator’s position in organisation: *
Phone no. (1): *
Phone no. (2):
Please provide as much detail as possible
Name of nominee: *
Phone number:
Nominee’s voluntary role: *
Length of voluntary service to this organisation : *
Nomination category: *
General recognition
Youth Sector Recognition
Mature Sector Recognition
Migrant Sector Recognition
Corporate Sector Recognition
Long Service Recognition
Outline details of service of the nominee to your agency and/or elsewhere, emphasising any particular challenges the nominee may have experienced – 150-200 words which could be used in a citation.
Details: *

You will be advised of the result of your nomination by Friday 24 May 2019

Please be aware that all information contained in your nomination may be given to the media

If you need support in filling this nomination form, or you would like help with your story, please contact us. The assessment panels’ decision will be final.

All nominations will be acknowledged.